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A Call to Action Visits Middle Schools

posted Oct 31, 2019, 9:33 AM by Lee Stephens   [ updated Oct 31, 2019, 9:33 AM ]
Covenant Players
Domestic and dating violence and bullying have no demographic bounds. These scourges of society exist and persist in homes and schools across the country regardless of income, race, heritage, or gender. In Oconee County, the organization, A Call to Action, is working diligently to combat these issues. This year the group is visiting each middle school in the county to bring awareness and share ways to identify and combat these problems. However, instead of providing a lecture or dry reading material to the students, the group is providing an entertaining and engaging way to introduce and discuss the problems.

Recently, a three-person unit from the acting group Covenant Players based in Oxnard, CA presented a series of skits with themes about sexual harassment, bullying, family dysfunction, and substance abuse before assembled groups of students at Seneca Middle, West-Oak Middle, and Walhalla Middle Schools. Following each skit, the troop members addressed the skit’s theme and solicited feedback from the student audience.

Covenant PlayersAccording to A Call to Action member Celeste Norris, “We are putting all of our efforts this year into area schools. We hope that these entertaining presentations will prove to be memorable and provide valuable information and insight for these young people and hopefully produce lasting results in their lives. It takes a community to target these issues and we seek to call people to action wherever they are in the community.” She and organization president Robbin Potrafka accompanied the acting group to each school. Afterwards, upon addressing the students following each session, green wristbands with the words, 'STAND UP, SPEAK OUT!' were made available encouraging all the students to do just that when they encounter any form of bullying.

The Covenant Players, which has been in existence since 1963, not only perform before school groups but also work with the military, prisons, churches, retirement homes, and various organizations serving at risk children. According to troop member Robin Goettl, “We will perform material geared to any theme, any age.” The unit, which performed before these Oconee County schools, consists of Suzanne Goettl, Robin Goettl, and Erin Goettl.