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Grade Reporting Options

posted Nov 29, 2017, 12:56 PM by Lee Stephens   [ updated Nov 29, 2017, 6:32 PM ]
Grade Reporting
After a trial period during the first nine weeks with all teachers using Canvas as their grade reporting system, SMS teachers were given the option to continue using Canvas or to use PowerTeacher to store and report student grades going forward.  See the table below to see which platform your child’s teachers will use.  You will no longer receive alerts or access to grades in Canvas for those teachers using PowerTeacher.  However, regardless of the grade reporting choice, all student grades will be still be available on Parent Portal.  

Grade LevelPower TeacherCanvas
6th grade Brandy Lewis (Math)Kristi Barnes (Social Studies)
Anna Black (Math)Dana Baird (Math)
Jennifer Padgett (Math/ELA)Lori Nicholson (ELA)
Angela Lee (ELA)Kirstie Wilson (SPED)
Tynnette McConnell (Social Studies/ELA)
Daniel Spencer (Science/ELA)
Teresa Stills (Science)
7th gradeFelicia Burgess (Math)Deborah Belflower (Science)
Christi Roberts (Math)Eddie Chavis (Science)
Marcy Molloseau (Math)Elise Grant (Social Studies)
Athena Holden (Math) Lea Evering (ELA)
Delaine Childress (Social Studies)Anne Hainisch (SPED)
Katie Daniels (ELA)Stephanie Brucke (SPED)
Cassie Moore (ELA)
Laurie Skrobola (ELA)

8th gradeMelanie Myers (ELA)Katie Gillespie (Science)
Ashley Levesque (ELA)Erin Lee (SPED)
Marla Lipham (ELA)Rhonda Cooper (Math)
Stephanie Necessary (ELA)
Andrea Moss (Math)
Becky Nix (Math)
David Ivey (Math)
Dona Gardner (Science)
Lindsay James (Social Studies)
Meredith Evans (Social Studies)
Scott Martin (SPED)
Related Arts/SPEDCarla Brock (Chorus)Andy Machen (Computer Apps)
Brian Johnson (PE)Demetrick Tensley (Computer Apps)
Kelsey Mize (PE)Brianna Roberts (Agriculture)
Tef Vitaris (PE)Simona Chen (Chinese)
Robert Spencer (Art)Ray Lawson (Student Support)
David Warlick (Strings)
Jason Ray (Band)
Stephanie Shepherd (SPED)
Jennifer Williams (SPED)
Karen Hunter (SPED)
Sybelle Franklin (Spanish)
Faith Davis (Out of the Blue)