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SMS Mock Election Results

posted Nov 10, 2016, 11:20 AM by Lee Stephens   [ updated Nov 10, 2016, 11:21 AM ]
SMS Mock Presidential Election Results

Our SMS social studies classes have been learning about elections and how our nation’s Electoral College works. States are awarded Electoral votes based on their number of representatives in Congress which is determined by their population. The larger the population, the more congressional representatives they have, and therefore the more electoral votes the state will have. In all but two states, the electoral votes go to the candidate with the highest popular vote in a “winner takes all” fashion.

Usually in our nation’s presidential elections, the winner of the popular and the winner of the electoral vote are the same. However, because the winner receives all of a state’s electoral votes, four times in our nation’s history the candidate with most of the popular votes did not become president.

At SMS, we had a mock presidential election, including a modified the Electoral College system. We voted in our Advisory Classes (Cat Classes) and regardless of the number of students, each class received the number of electoral votes based on their teacher’s teaching experience – one electoral vote for each year taught. Therefore, in some cases, the electoral votes far exceeded the popular votes because we have many teachers that have taught for many years. Our findings were interesting, though.

There were six precincts (one for each of our social studies teachers) and a few had some surprising results!

In Miss Kristi Barnes’s and Mr. Charles Jennings’s precincts, Clinton won the popular vote, but Trump won the electoral vote. In Mrs. Delaine Childress’s precinct, Trump won the popular vote, but Trump and Clinton tied in the Electoral votes. In Mrs. Tynette McConnell’s, Mrs. Meredith Evans’s, and Mrs. Lindsay James’s precincts Trump won both the popular vote and the Electoral votes.

Another interesting observation was that most of Clinton’s support came from classes of all girls.

Our SMS mock presidential winner was Donald Trump.

The popular vote was close, but Trump received a large majority of the electoral vote. Our election results have been converted to percentages.

Popular Vote

Clinton - 39%
Johnson - 12%
Stein - 5%
Trump 44%

Electoral Votes

Clinton - 32%
Johnson - 1%
Stein - 0%
Trump - 67%

Voting in a presidential election at SMS was exciting for students, and helped us to see how our nation’s Electoral College works. We were all anxious to see the election results on Tuesday, November 8, with the hope that when the students saw the electoral vote numbers on the returns, they would understand exactly what that means!