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SMS Women in Charge Soar Over Female Pilots

posted Dec 19, 2019, 5:27 AM by Lee Stephens   [ updated Dec 19, 2019, 5:27 AM ]
Women in Charge
While the number of pilot certificates held by females has certainly increased in the last few decades, according to the latest FAA statistics the percentage of female pilots is still quite small. In fact, just over 6% of pilots are female. Fortunately for a group of young ladies at Seneca Middle School, two of those women pilots, Carrell Dammann and Julie Ibrahim, are local and agreed to come and speak to their Women in Charge mentoring class, which is designed to expose and encourage promising middle school girls to careers in STEM fields. Dammann and Ibrahim not only spoke about their individual pathways and struggles to become a pilot, but also what obstacles keep more women from becoming pilots. They also emphasized the different scientific subjects such as mechanics, radar, and weather which play important roles in safe flight and gave the ladies an idea what a career in aviation might be like.

Dammann and Ibrahim also spoke to the girls about a locally run chapter of a program for young people called Young Eagles. The Young Eagles program gives kids ages 8 to 17 an opportunity to fly in a general aviation airplane and learn about airplanes, runways, and airport functions. They also told the girls about the planes they personally own and how they use them for both personal and professional purposes. Finally, Dammann shared with the girls, “It takes courage to get in an airplane and fly solo, and it takes perseverance to become a pilot; but, great outcomes and experiences open many doors.”